DecisionPoint Research
Delivering the market intelligence you need for critical business decisions


New Business Development Studies


Develop intelligence on market trends, customer needs, selection criteria, purchase plans, and competitive positioning. Typical applications are to validate new product and service offerings, and to test positioning.



Customer Experience/Customer Loyalty Studies

Develop intelligence on customer satisfaction with current products, services, and suppliers. Used to determine the optimum allocation of resources to increase customer loyalty.  Also used to identify unmet needs and under-served markets.


Acquisition Due Diligence Studies

Develop intelligence on market size and trends, company reputation, competitive positioning. Used to validate an acquisition candidate's market position in order to conduct more informed negotiations.



Competitive Intelligence Studies

Develop intelligence on the strengths and weaknesses of key competitors. Used in conjunction with customer analysis studies to develop strategies to outperform competitors on the factors that are most important to customers.



Market Entry Studies

Develop intelligence on industry trends and structure, competition, barriers to entry, distribution channels, product features and other requirements for market entry. Typical applications are evaluation of opportunities in new domestic or international markets.