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Regarding the Enduring Value of our work


From the President of an operating company of a Fortune 500 company regarding an Acquisition Due Diligence Study

"I think that the value of your methodology is, it doesn't necessarily end with the report. Oftentimes it is intelligence that can be used over a period of time. These things can be kind of a living document, more so than something that you just file away and say, well, we've made our decision now, we're done."

From the Manager of Market Research at a pharmaceutical benefits management company regarding a New Business Development Study

"Everything that you did on the specialty pharmacy -- people are still talking about that. Do this work and it is not just sitting on people's shelves. Everybody knows about it."




Regarding Actionable Market Intelligence

From the President of an operating company of a Fortune 500 company

"Every time that you have done some work for us it has resulted in action, whether it is confirmation of what we thought, with a little move, or a complete 180." Of a recently conducted new business development study, he states, "We are using the new study to do a whole new brand imaging on it, to re-prioritize the feature list. There are a couple of developments that we have put off and another that we are accelerating because of it. We have kind of put ourselves in your hands, going with your recommendations."


Regarding Time and Cost Efficiency 

From the President of an operating company of a Fortune 500 company

"You understand the value of keeping the expenditures to an appropriate amount. We have been able to do all of this on the phone. We are not airplanes. We are not wasting a lot of time because we feel like we need some kind of face to face." This stuff has to go fast. A consultant that says I will fly in in 10 days to see you. Already you are on the meter, and 10 days are going by. We can do an acquisition in 90 days or less. You really don't have a lot of time to waste. I don’t think that we have missed anything because you didn't fly in to have the interview. I found that to be pretty good. While you are working it, contacting people like our Product Manager or our Sales Manager, and tweaking, I think that has all worked very well."


Regarding Expertise and Creativity in interviewing 

From the Manager of Market Research at a pharmaceutical benefits management company

"These people won't do research. It is not like pick up the phone, the way that you do in most interviews, and call and say how are you doing? I am not sure that so much of this was what a traditional market researcher could do. I think that is where your background in competitive intelligence really has made a huge difference. These people won't do research. To your point, you show them something, get them to react to it, they are not really doing research. This is something that might help them. And it is so much better. A lot of researchers aren't going to look down that avenue. I am amazed at the amount of information that you have been able to obtain. Just unbelievable."

From the VP of Engineering and New Business Development for a manufacturer of industrial control and measurement equipment

"I felt that we had a fairly unique set of circumstances -- trying to get into a narrow group of customers with a new value proposition. It didn't really lend itself to the normal kind of survey work. You folks add a level of expertise or insight or intelligence into the information gathering process. In most of the other market survey things that I have had exposure to a lot of work goes into the questions and the sequence, but if something starts to derail the interviewers can't salvage it. There is no knowledge or insight on their part, so you are kind of limited to the kind of things that you can focus the traditional kind of market research things on. (The study) took us to the next step and gave us a little more courage and a little more faith that we were going down a path that would probably bear fruit and it has. At this point we can see a hundred million dollar business coming out of this four to five years from now."